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Published: 28th March 2008
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Young people love the laid back style of Hollister clothing. It is important to note that this Hollister is geared towards slender youth. Anyone who has a few extra pounds on their body might be well advised to shop elsewhere however. This is true for girls and boys, but particularly for girls. The Hollister chain of retail clothing stores only stocks clothing from size 0 to 9, although they do have sizes small, medium, large and extra large.

Hollister is the place to go for causal clothes for after school, hanging at the beach, or seeing a movie. Hollister sells clothes for youths and has a great selection of casual pants for sale: cargo pants, tearaway pants, Capri pants, and jeans. T-shirts, tank tops, skirts, long-sleeved shirts that are still casual, all in many styles, are also available, but because Hollister is about casual wear they doesn't have any dresses for sale. Bikinis and swim trunks are a specialty, and Hollister also stocks a selection of jackets and fleece hoodies that are so popular with the chic teenage set right now. Hollister is a Californian company and so many of its garments in many of the styles available feature the names of Californian places prominently.

Tee shirts and tank tops at Hollister's are big sellers. They are very basic shirts that come in a number of different colors including red, blue, black and green. Some are plain shirts while others carry the 'Hollister' name on them. The sizes range from small to extra large. The prices on tee shirts start at $15.00 and up. Hollister Clothing sells tank tops for girls but not boys. Button front long and short sleeved shirts for both sexes are available at Hollister and the prides start at $20 and go up to $40-$50.

Hollister Clothing is all about jeans. Jeans are a big seller for the company and are often presented as one of the company's most featured products. Hollister Clothing sells a variety of jeans in their stores. Distressed jeans are very popular and are exactly as they sound. Sold with a worn look, frayed around the edges, and laced with holes, the jeans have character built in, even if they just came off the store shelf. A variety of other pants are available in all the standard sizes for boys, and girls have the choice of the standard 'junior miss' sizes, though some pairs of pants go all the way to 11. Size 11, that is. Athletic pants for both boys and girls, as well as other easy-wear pants of any style, are sized small, medium, large, and extra large and prices for pants of all of Hollister Clothing's styles range from $40-$50.

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