Coach Diaper Bags Be A Fashionable Mom!

Published: 14th August 2008
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You do not have to kiss your snazzy style and chic fashion sense goodbye just because you become a mother. When baby makes two this means that you now can apply your fashionista ideas to yourself and to your little bundle of joy!

The first thing you need to do is get the right kind of diaper bag, or baby bag. The Coach Company offers several versions of the diaper bag, all providing space for the necessities. Three of the versions available are the Optic Signature baby bag, the Hamptons weekend multi-function tote, and the Hamptons weekend stripe multi-function tote. The Hamptons weekend multi-function baby bag is sold in either tan or black. For those who tend to get their bags dirty, the black is a better wearing color for you.

The Optic Signature diaper bag comes in three different color options. These are a silver/black, a silver/blue, and a silver/pink. This diaper bag has enough space in it for a laptop computer, and has jacquard fabric and lining, along with zip pockets on the inside and five open pockets. It comes equipped with a changing pad for your baby, which is quite convenient for those moments when you need to make a quick change.

The Hamptons weekend multi-function tote is versatile, and can be worn in one of two ways, depending on your personal style. You can carry is over your shoulder, or place the strap across your body. For those moms who are technologically savvy, there is a pouch to put your laptop in, along with many pockets that multi-task, and one that is cell phone ready. The diaper bag has a zipper for closure and comes equipped with two outside open back pockets, and handy 24' handles.

But that isn't all. The bag contains a diaper changing pad that's built in, and it also has tons of pockets. You'll be able to house all of the toys and snacks that will amuse your child and keep her entertained. The bag's nylon construction is also top notch, and it has a fabric lining and suave, glazed leather trim. Finally, the silver and khaki color scheme is modern and sophisticated. Diaper bags have become more attractive and increasingly functional in our time!

The Hamptons weekend stripe multi-function tote is almost identical to the Hamptons weekend baby bag listed in the previous paragraph, except for the fact that this one has a design as opposed to being all one color. The striped tote is multi faceted as it is convenient for a laptop and a cell phone and it contains a ring that can be used to clip on a keyfob or any other accessory that you need to carry with you. The diaper changing pad is perfect when an accident happens and do not worry, this diaper bag contains plenty of room to house a couple of diapers and a small container of baby wipes. Even if you do not vacation in the Hamptons, this diaper bag is still a winner!

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